Peg Pierce Marion Girls Softball

Due to the rain we have received and the very wet fields, ALL games for this evening Friday June 21st at Peg Pierce have been cancelled. Please have a great evening.

Tara K

4:15 PM 6/21/19

The 2019 4th and 5th Grade Play Around schedule is now available and can be located by clicking on documents on this website!! 

The Concession Stand WILL BE open through out the day!! We will have some breakfast pizza, donuts, and coffee along with non grilled items available for purchase in the morning. Grilled items and walking tacos will then be available around 1030/11 for purchase. 

If you have any questions, please send an email to 

Please remember that with any games at Peg Pierce, we ask that you have a fun time and we love when you all cheer on the teams in a positive matter. Looking forward to a day full of exciting and fun games this Saturday!!! 

Tara K, Board President