ALL Practices and Games are held at The Peg Pierce Softball Complex located at 3205 3rd Ave in Marion, Iowa!!

Field Assignments (by grade).


6th/7th/8th/9th‚Äč Grades

Preparation for high school ball

These girls are entering advanced development as the game gets faster. He girls can steal bases.

Peg Pierce Marion Girls Softball

4th/5th Grades

Continued development of skills

These girls are continuing in development of fundamentals. This is the first year of girls pitching.

2nd/3rd Grades

Our Starter Division

These girls are just learning the game. The coaches pitch to them.

The Peg Pierce Marion Girls Softball program was started in 1984 by long- time Marion resident, Peg Pierce. It is a recreational league dedicated to teaching  girls not only the rules and how to play the game of softball, but to have fun, enjoy the game, make friends and create memories along the way.  The league practiced and played games at various parks and schools around Marion. With help from the Marion Parks Department and many fundraisers that the league held, the Peg Pierce Softball Complex was built in 1993 and is HOME to the Marion Girls Softball League. It is complete with three softball diamonds, restrooms, playground, and a concession stand that is open during games.

Peg Pierce spent countless hours directing the league and loved to spend her evenings during the summer at the Peg Pierce Softball Complex watching the girls play, chatting with parents, grandparents, coaches, the girls, anyone really. Although Peg retired in 2014, the path she has paved for the league, her dedication and putting the girls first are just a few things the board of directors plan to continue for many years to come.