For Rescheduling Games

Work with the opposing coach to see if they can reschedule to a mutually agreeable time.
Check the League Calendar for field availability.
Notify the scheduler at: of the date/time that you would like to reschedule to

The Calendar is the definitive source of who gets the ball field. If you'd like to reserve the ball field for a makeup, you can do the following:

Check the League Calendar: Do this by clicking Calendar Tab on this website. There is a legend at the bottom indicating the color of events for teams in your Division.
If you find a slot open you'd like to re-schedule to, you can email:  with ATTN:Tara in the subject line to request the slot.
Make sure you provide your team name and date (with start / end times) that you're wanting.
Provided it is still available, we'll get it updated and let you know back.

Members of the board will cancel practices and games. A notice will be posted on the HOME page under NEWS and on the NOTICE tab of this website as close as possible to 4 PM for practices and 5 PM for games! It Should also be posted to our Facebook page as well. Find that link on the Home page of this website.

RAIN OUTS! How do we re-schedule practices and/or games?

We will caution on the side of safety! We could cancel due to:

* Rain / Lightning

* Excessive Heat

* Poor field conditions

For Rescheduling Practices

Practice make-ups are up to coaches to if they want to try
You will most likely have to find your own spot as the fields are mostly booked.
Check the League Calendar for field availability.
Notify the scheduler at:  of the date/time that you would like to reschedule to

Schedule Information!


Peg Pierce Marion Girls Softball

All practices and games are held at the Peg Pierce Marion Girls Softball Complex!! See About Us for more information. 



Practices should only be re-scheduled due to rainout.
Games should be played as scheduled. Rescheduling is the last resort. If you have a personal conflict with one of your games. First, most teams have multiple coaches who hopefully don’t have a conflict. If not, then Second, ask your parents if one of them wants to run the game in your absence.

***ALL Rescheduling MUST be done with board approval. You can contact the board at